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Welcome to Foothold.

Welcome to Foothold, greenhorn. This land is wild and untamed, and this expansive city is our backfoot against the wilds. We need every able bodied man and woman of any race to reach out to the natives, hunt beasts to feed and cloth our growing population, prospect mines, and if you’re really brave enough, find out what happened to the Cahill expedition.

Character Creation

Using the Pathfinder system, build a 20 point (High Fantasy) character at level 1.
All books are available for use, just tell me which one if it’s not a standard
Core or Featured Races.
2 Traits (No opting out)
Standard Gold
Perception is always a Class Skill
No Guns, No eastern classes/Weapons
You must not be from Foothold or the Foothold Continent
At least 1 paragraph backstory and why you’re in Foothold (Refugee? Treasure Hunter? Thrill Seeker?)

Main Page

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